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Invited Short Talks

Submitter last name Abstract Title Program code
Chien Mechanism of Action of a Novel in vivo Virulence Factor of Ehrlichia ― EHF0962 S1-C
Lind Anaplasma phagocytophilum AipA interacts with CD13 to elicit signaling that benefits host cell invasion S1-D
Nenortas Anaplasma phagocytophilum-infected neutrophils reverse-transmigrate dermal microvascular barriers to disseminate in a 3D model. S1-E
Aspinwall Ehrlichial Manipulation of its Vector, Ixodes scapularis S2-C
Oliva Chavez Effect of Anaplasma spp. transmission on neutrophil migration and collagen structure S2-D
Vosbigian Stressed for success: How the Unfolded Protein Response in Ixodes scapularis intertwines with pathogen survival S2-E
Burke Host glutathione is required for proper septation, actin-based motility, and virulence of Rickettsia parkeri. S3-C
Figueroa-Cuilan Quantitative analysis of morphogenesis and growth dynamics in R. parkeri S3-D
Sit New biology from an old antigen: a role for the 17kDa surface lipoprotein in rickettsial cell envelope maintenance S3-E
Long Reversion of cbu0533 mutation inCoxiella burnetii Nine Mile II RSA439, clone 4 results in LPS elongation and increased virulence in a guinea pig model of infection S4-C
Mishra The role of polysaccharide synthesis operon in modulating Rickettsia-endothelial cell interactions S4-D
Simoes Unveiling a new strategy of Rickettsia: APRc moonlighting as an evasin by recruiting human complement regulator C4BP S4-E
Liang Bacterial dissemination and protective innate immune responses in an intradermal inoculation mouse model of scrub typhus. S5-C
Steiert Mapping the Chlamydia trachomatis conventional type III secreted effector – host interactome S5-D
Tran The Rickettsial Effector, RickA, Contributes to Cell-to-Cell Spread S5-E
Ferm Modified live Anaplasma marginale vaccine developed by targeted mutagenesis stimulates protective immunity against wild type infection from infected tick feeding S6-C
Mullins Serologic and molecular testing for the diagnosis of Rickettsia, Anaplasma, and Ehrlichia infections in individuals in Maryland. S6-D
Tomaiuolo Adjuvanting Coxevac® with QuilA® skews Coxiella burnetii-induced inflammatory responses towards a sustained Th1-CD8+-mediated activation and increases protection in an experimental goat model S6-E
Kathayat Host inducible LD-transpeptidase dependent cell envelope remodeling is a major determinant of developmental morphogenesis in Coxiella burnetii and Legionella pneumophila S7-C
Osbron Manipulation of TNFα signaling by Coxiella burnetii during infection S7-D
Raghavan Coxiella burnetii modulates host pro-inflammatory and microRNA response S7-E
Galletti National MALDI-TOF MS database of Dermacentor variabilis and Dermacentor similis S8-C
Genda Targeted tag mutagenesis employed in studies to define Ehrlichia translocated factor-1 (Etf-1) interactions with host cellular proteins. S8-D

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