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Saturday June 25
3:00 PM Welcome & Introductions - Kevin Macaluso, ASR President
  Session 1: Advances in clinical diagnostics, pathogen discovery and vaccines for rikettsial diseases.

Session Chair: Diana Scorpio
3:05 PM 1A. Plenary Overview: Advances in laboratory diagnosis of rickettsial diseases at the acute stage of illness - Cecilia Kato (188)
3:30 PM 1B. Detection and isolation of Rickettsia tillamookensis (Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae) from Ixodes pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae) from multiple regions of California - Chris Paddock (205)
3:45 PM 1C. Targeted mutagenesis in Anaplasma phagocytophilium for modified live vaccine development - Jonathan Ferm (118) 
4:00 PM 1D. Combined diagnosis of ifa and pcr increase the confirmation of suspected spotted fever cases -Liliane Duraes (173)
4:15 PM 1E. An antigen-based diagnostic lateral-flow-assay for acute spotted fever rickettsioses - Rong Fang (178)
4:30 PM 1F. Targeted Mutagenesis in Anaplasma Marginale to Define Virulence and Vaccine Development Against Bovine Anaplasmosis - Roman Ganta (184)
4:45 PM Break
5:00 PM 1G. Mentoring Session: Transitioning to Early Career Stage Investigator - Lisa Brown, Lilian Crosby, Adela Olivia Chavez, Sean Riley, Rebecca Lamason, Dana Shaw
6:00 PM Welcome Reception
6:30 PM ASR Historical Lecture - Roman Ganta

Sunday June 26
  Session 2: Tick-borne spotted fever group Rickettsia

Session Chair: Sean Riley
8:35 AM 2A. Keynote: Rickettsial disease: the delicate balance of microbial fitness and human genetic diversity - Steve Dumler
9:20 AM 2B. Invited Short Talk:  Probing rickettsia pathogenesis using advanced biochemical and genetic tools - Rebecca Lamason (227)
9:40 AM

2C. Invited Short Talk: Selective fragmentation of the trans-Golgi apparatus by Rickettsia rickettsii - Ted Hackstadt (234)

10:00 AM 2D. Whole-genome sequencing of R. amblyommatis isolated from A. americanum in Long Island reveals unique genetic traits and phenotypes associated with mild rickettsioses - Hwan Kim (190)
10:15 AM 2E. Identification of transposon insertion mutants in pathogenic sfg Rickettsia species that are impaired in intracellular growth within mammalian phagocytic cells - Juan Martinez (196)
10:30 AM 2F. Classical complement activation, IgM, and anaphylatoxins shape the immune response to Rickettsia infection - Mustapha Dahmani (112)
10:45 AM Break

  Session 3:  Coxiella biology and pathogenesis.

Session Chair: Dan Voth
11:00 AM

3A. Plenary Overview: Lessons from an obligate stealth pathogen: Multiple ways to “skin a cat” - Jim Samuel (109)

11:30 AM 3B. Investigating the prophylactic and therapeutic potential of doxycycline using an A/J mouse aerosol model of Q-fever - Chris Jenkins (187)
11:45 AM

3C. Coxiella burnetii manipulates the type I interferon pathway in a T4BSS dependent manner - Erin van Schaik (217)

12:00 PM 3D. Development of a CRISPR interference system for genetic manipulation of the bacterial human pathogen Coxiella burnetii - Shaun Wachter (159)
12:15 PM 3E. Drosophila sting mediates Coxiella burnetii infection by regulating oxidative stress - Marena Guzman (121)
12:30 PM 3F. Identification and functional analysis of Coxiella burnetii dugway strain-specific type IV secretion system effector proteins - Mahelat Tesfamariam (151)
12:45 PM Lunch (Included)
1:30 PM Poster Session I - Even #s

  Session 4: Anaplasma and Ehrlichia - vector transmitted, vacuolar bacterial genetic manipulations.

Session Chair: Kelly Brayton
2:30 PM 4A: Plenary overview: Anaplasma phagocytophilum: Getting around in ticks and humans - Uli Munderloh (200)
3:00 PM

4B. Keynote: Moonlighting on Steroids: Ehrlichia TRP Effectors, SLiMs and PTMs - Jere McBride (225)

3:30 PM 4C. Comparative whole genome analysis of an Anaplasma phagocyophilum strain isolated from Norwegian sheep - Francy L. Crosby (172)
3:45 PM 4D. Characterization of the HGE14 family of nuclear-localized T4SS effectors of Anaplasma phagocytophilum - Deirdre Fahy (115)
4:00 PM 4E. Anaplasma phagocytophilum HGE14 effectors: A viral tail - Ian Cadby (169)
4:15 PM 4F. OMP-1 and VirB2 immunization of dogs minimizes tick-transmission of Ehrlichia - Yasuko Rikihisa (211)
4:30 PM 4G. Ehrlichia SLiM Ligand Mimetic Activates Notch Signaling in Human Monocytes - LaNisha Patterson (226)
4:45 PM 4H. Types I and II interferon signaling and pathogenesis in the murine model of A. phagocytophilum infection - Andres Londono (126)
5:00 PM Reception and Poster Viewing
6:00 PM Business Meeting
7:00 PM Dinner (included)

Monday June 27
  Session 5: Bacterial effectors and response regulators.

Session Chair:  Rahul Raghavan
8:30 AM 5A. A transposon screen to identify potential essential genes in Coxiella burnetii - Georgie Metters (197)
8:45 AM 5B. Investigating mechanisms by which spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae induce microvascular endothelial cell barrier permeability - Jennifer Farner (117)
9:00 AM 5C. The CD36 homolog croquemort binds infection-derived lipids and initiates antibacterial immunity in Ixodes scapularis - Anya O’Neal (133)
9:15 AM 5D. Hacking the tick: Identification and characterization of a tick-targeted effector from Anaplasma phagocytophilum - Jason Park (206)
9:30 AM 5E. Pathogenic Rickettsia species manipulate host immune defense pathways to facilitate intracytosolic replication within the host - Oliver Voss (218)
9:45 AM Poster Session II - Odd #s

  Session 6: Orientia biology and pathogenesis

Session Chair: Allen Richards
10:45 AM 6A: Plenary Overview: The intracellular lifecycle of Orientia tsutsugamushi - Jeanne Salje (230)
11:15 AM 6B: Invited Short Talk: Orientia tsutsugamushi host-pathogen interactions and new tools for discovery - Paige Allen (224)
11:45 AM 6C. Altered lethality associated with cytokine (IFN╬│, TNF, and IL2) depletion in a non-lethal murine model of Orientia tsutsugamushi infection (compared to lethal and sublethal models) - Alison Fedrow (181)
12:00 PM 6D. Recognition of Vita-PAMPs in Orientia tsutsugamushi by endosomal RNA receptors - Christian Keller (189)
12:15 PM 6E. Orientia tsutsugamushi effector Ank5 decreases surface MHC-I levels by targeting the transcriptional activator, NLRC5, for proteasomal degradation -Haley Adcox (102)
12:30 PM 6F. A murine model of waning scrub typhus cross-protection between heterologous strains of Orientia tsutsugamushi - David Walker (219)
1:00 PM NIH Roundtable Discussion for Trainees & Early Career Investigators Liangbiao Zheng, Samuel Perdue    (box lunch included)
  Moderator Joao Pedra

  Afternoon/Evening Free

Tuesday June 28

Session 7:  Vector contribution to rickettsial pathogenesis.

Session Chair: Alyssa Snellgrove
8:30 AM 7A: Plenary Overview: Arthropod vectors: More than mobile syringes - Dana Shaw
9:00 AM 7B. Targeting tick transporter to prevent rickettsial pathogen transmission - Girish Neelakanta
9:30 AM 7C. Anaplasma marginale infection of Dermacentor andersoni primary midgut cell culture is dependent on fucosylated glycans - Rubikah Vimonish (158)
9:45 AM 7D. A pleiotropic metabolite affects microbial infection and arthropod vector fitness - Sourabh Samaddar (142)
10:00 AM 7E. The use of the antigenically variable major surface protein 2 (msp2) in the establishment of superinfection during natural tick transmission of Anaplasma marginale in southern Ghana - Roberta Koku (123)
10:15 AM Break

  Session 8: Genomic determinants of rickettsial lifestyles.

Session Chair: Lisa Brown
10:45 AM 8A: Plenary Overview: Drosophila melanogaster as a chassis for understanding bacterial effector targets of arthropods - Irene Newton (140)
11:45 AM

8B. Coxiella burnetii polysaccharide vaccine protects guinea pigs from coxiellosis - John Stenos (228)

12:15 PM 8C. Sticking together – Ixodes pacificus and symbiotic Rickettsia monacensis strain humboldt - Jianmin Zhong (222)
12:30 PM 8D. Determining transmission determinants of an emerging flea-borne rickettsiosis - Hanna Laukaitis (124)
12:45 PM Closing Remarks by the 2023 President

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